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WATCH: Lakers Draft Lottery Ascension Rips Bill Simmons’ Heart Out

While Los Angeles Laker fans across the nation were rejoicing at the improbable climb up the NBA’s Draft Lottery, Celtics superfan and basketball analyst Bill Simmons had his heart ripped out on a live stream. As a diehard Celtics fan formed by some of the fiercest rivalry years between the Lakers and Celtics, Simmons isn’t the biggest fan of the Lakers.

As a result, Simmons nearly broke down when he realized that the Lakers were going to be jumping up into the top four of the NBA draft. Take a look at the video below:

Watch Video of Lakers Draft Lottery Ascension Ripping Bill Simmons’ Heart Out

(Warning: NSFW Language)

On Simmons’ lottery show, the live stream luckily captured the exact moment that Bill Simmons realized the entire lottery was doomed for the Celtics. In the span of about 45 seconds, Simmons learned that not only are the Lakers jumping up in the draft but also that the Celtics wouldn’t be getting a pick from the Grizzlies, who safely landed within their top eight protection.

Despite Losing the Lottery, Celtics Still Poised to Outbid Lakers

Even though the NBA Draft Lottery helped even the playing field between the two teams, the Celtics still have the biggest treasure trove of assets to dip into and choose from. With a number of future first-round picks, plenty of young talent, and trade filler on excellent contracts, the Celtics are unmatched in their pursuit of Davis.

While the lottery helped the Lakers considerably by giving them a valuable draft pick to pair with some exciting young players of their own, they still lack the sheer depth of picks the Celtics are able to offer to the Pelicans. The biggest thing the Lakers can hope for now is that the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving‘s future in Boston is enough to scare the Celtic front office into refusing to unload valuable assets, handicapping their offer.

The Knicks also have a relatively decent chance to put together a trade package for Davis but it would pale to what the Lakers and Celtics are able to offer. The Knicks have the third pick, which is a nice starting point, along with young talent in Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox, and Mitchell Robinson. While not out of the running entirely, consider the Knicks to be a distant third in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes.

Ultimately, the bidding war should come down to the Lakers and Celtics and while Boston has more to offer, it remains to be seen just exactly how far they are willing to go in contract negotiations. While midseason rumors were flying that Danny Ainge was willing to offer any and everything for Anthony Davis, the Celtics’ precarious situation may muddy the waters a bit, or at least enough to allow the Lakers to gain the upper hand.

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