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Browns Legend Joe Thomas Rips Into Beat Reporter On OBJ Coverage

Joe Thomas gave a player’s perspective on the Odell Beckham Jr. OTA attendance situation and did not hold back when analyzing how the media has covered it.

In a three-part tweet, Thomas —  a future Hall of Fame offensive lineman who spent all of his 11-year career with the Browns — took aim at beat reporter Tony Grossi, a Browns analyst for ESPN, 850 WKNR and Fox SportsOhio (according to his Twitter bio).

Beckham — the crown jewel acquisition of a busy offseason for the Browns — only attended one of nine OTA sessions with his new team.

Thomas titled his piece: Tony Grossi- OBJ Missing in Action Storyline: A Players Perspective.

The first part of Thomas’ argument basically sums up why Grossi is wrong about OBJ, highlighting the important parts. His main argument is that Grossi needs a story every day, and it makes OBJ’s attendance an easy target.

In Part 2, Thomas notes the sprint QB-WR connection gained in spring is overrated, and that the importance of OTAs in general is overstated.

Thomas also noted that a wide receiver’s playbook is “ridiculously simple.”

To simplify it even more, Thomas provides a synopsis to his paper.

“There is some type of balance between practice and training that we need to find throughout a calendar year,” Thomas wrote. “I believe that a veteran player is the only person able to truly know what that balance is for themselves.

Grossi did come to his own defense, noting that Thomas attended OTAs.

Grossi has been known for his interesting OBJ takes , so it wasn’t a surprise to see Thomas speak up on the issue. He quickly found some support.

Thomas did keep things lighthearted in his next tweets.

“I had a great relationship with them during my playing days, I just think they’re wrong to overvalue the importance of OTAs vs the value of mental recharge and training your body to be at peak performance, which only you know how to do…”

He also allegedly wrote his rant from a playground.

The Browns gave up a first and third round pick and safety Jabrill Peppers to land OBJ from the New York Giants. It would be great for him to be getting in all the time he can with quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Browns mandatory minicamp is slated from June 4-6 and there’s no longer a question OBJ will be there. That’s what his head coach Freddie Kitchens expected

Beckham has a shorter leash than most because of his past, which has featured everything from fighting kicking nets to staging pre-playoff boat parties.

The offensive is under the direction of coordinator Todd Monken, who came over from Tampa Bay in the offseason. Kitchens will also play a role in the offensive game plan.

Monken’s offense philosophy sounds like a perfect fit for Beckham.

“I like having fun. I don’t know why it has to feel like such drudgery all the time,” Monken said. “Who needs more 5-yard plays? How can we be explosive? That’s what the game is about, man. People like big plays. I like big plays.”

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